KofC Council #9395 Sponsors Seminarian from Great Falls/Billings Diocese

Created: Jul 28, 2022
Category: General News

The Knights of Columbus Council #9395 recently completed the first of many programs scheduled for the 2022-23 Fraternal year. Through the Refund Support Vocations Program (RSVP), Council #9395 raised money to support Thomas Johnson, a seminarian from the Great Falls/Billings diocese who after completing his coursework at Mount Angel Abbey Seminary in Oregon, has just recently arrived in Rome to continue his studies. RSVP is used by seminarians to cover their needs such as books, car insurance/maintenance, emergency expenditures and other living expenses.  

Knights of Columbus councils are called to aid their “adopted” seminarians with moral and emotional support as well as with prayers for their vocation and vocations throughout the church. This element is central to RSVP. Knights of Columbus councils provide support in a variety of ways including writing letters and birthday cards to their seminarian, sponsoring dinners to support them, and inviting them to fraternal events. 

There are many opportunities for parishioners to get involved with RSVP. Contact us, your local Knights of Columbus council, to learn about the ways in which we support our seminarian – financially, morally and spiritually. Feel free to ask us how you can aid us in this work!  kofc9395.org/contact