Helping Hands

Created: Jun 20, 2022
Category: General News

“THANKS” to Brothers Royce Shipley, Joe Filipiak, Frank Handwerk, Andre Jezewski, Tony May, Joe Durocher & John Gort for assisting with our “Helping Hand” project renovating and upgrading the upstairs living quarters at the Monsignor’s House to be occupied by the newly arrived Sisters of Divine Grace, Reverend Mother Mary Paul of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, foundress and superior of SDG and Sister Mary Agnes of the Lamb of God, and Sister of Divine Grace. This intensive project resulted in a complete interior renovation of the ten-room dwelling.

A special "shout-out” to Marilyn Mathern for her personal help in the completion of this project and to Aubrey Rearden, Holy Spirit Catholic Parish Administrator, and her husband for their help as well!